12:00 AM, May 27, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015

Facebook used for leaking question

Facebook used for leaking question

Socializing cheating!

A face book page named 'HSC exam 2014' was found to have disclosed at least 18 of 22 questions of HSC's maths first part exam that was held on Sunday. Audaciously, the profile picture of the page had the title "Prashnopotro Fash" (question paper leaked). Responding to the incident, the board authority is reported to have refuted the claims, but then the question is how they could have ignored an obvious reality!
Since the very beginning of HSC exams, we have witnessed sequential occurrences of question papers being leaked which included English second paper and two papers of both physics and chemistry. Routinely, after every leakage incident a probe committee would be formed and a report submitted but then the board authority repeatedly failed to deter the menace. The leaks could not have occurred without a helping hand from the insiders.
It is no longer a question of 'how' the leaks are happening but 'who' are making them happen. Once the offenders are taken into custody the techniques for leaking will come out. Having said this, the board authority must also ensure that the remaining Higher Secondary Certificate exams and other public exams, for that matter, are conducted without any dubious incidents making a sham of public examinations.
Finally, the leaks put a question mark on the credibility of high pass rates at public exams in recent times.


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