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Expectations from Modi as Indian PM

Expectations from Modi as Indian PM

Congratulations to Narendra Modi on becoming the Prime Minister of India after his overwhelming victory in the elections.
Narendra Modi seems to be a wise, capable, and visionary leader who is different from others. We hope with the passage of time he will be able to impress the rest of the world with his positive attitude. He looks like one who wants "to make friends, not enemies."
We envy the people of India as they have been able to choose their leaders. But we were not so fortunate. We could not exercise our voting power; so the government that has been formed lacks people's mandate.
There are so many unresolved issues with India which include water sharing, land boundary disputes, border killings and so on. We hope those issues will be solved under Narendra Modi's dynamic leadership as the Prime Minister of India. Hope he will be understanding and not indifferent to the sufferings of his neighbours.
Nur Jahan



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