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EU envoy renews call for dialogue

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William Hanna

Outgoing EU Ambassador William Hanna today renewed the call for a dialogue between political parties for having a long-term political stability to help Bangladesh grow further.
“The prospect of this country looks very good…today we simply renew that call. Dialogue is as necessary as ever. Confrontation and violence is never the way forward,” he said.
He was speaking at talks organised by Diplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (Dcab) at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel.
The European Union ambassador, who witnessed ups and downs in the last three and a half years of his diplomatic assignment in Bangladesh, said the EU countries work together through dialogue to resolve conflict and create prosperity and better future for their people.
“So, dialogue is possible (in Bangladesh). I have lot of confidence…this country will find a way forward,” he added
Turning to the January 5 general election, Hanna said a few voters were able to exercise their democratic rights to elect a new government. Later, he said the conduct of some of the local elections was questioned, with allegations of fraud and rigging.
“We look to the Election Commission – which is an independent body under the Constitution – to investigate all these allegations,” he said.

Published: 9:26 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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