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Celebrating International Women's Day

“Women's position in RMG and corporate sectors is a positive sign”... Zinat Hakim

Shah Alam Shazu
Zinat Hakim

Zinat Hakim is a popular playwright of our country. Her first play was directed by late actor-director Abdullah Al Mamun. A number of her projects have been aired on BTV. Apart from this, she has written stories and directed several TV plays. Recently, The Daily Star interviewed the writer on the occasion of International Women's Day.

What are your thoughts on the day?

Zinat Hakim: I believe women have to become more conscious and self-reliant. In addition, they must perform their job with great sprit and have an attitude of going forward.

What's your view on women's position in society?

Zinat Hakim: Women now have changed dramatically. The position they hold in corporate sector and readymade garments (RMG) today is a very positive sign. Interestingly, these are the same women who once spent most of the times in the kitchen.

How do you look at the observation of Women's Day?

Zinat Hakim: Everyone should observe the day. I personally appreciate the day being celebrated in a festive mood. I believe such celebration plays a vital role to develop awareness among the women about their rights.

Do you believe women today can truly enjoy their freedom?

Zinat Hakim: Women will have the right to freedom of expression and taking decision. An atmosphere for women has to be created so that they can learn freely and choose their profession at their own will. Earlier, they had to comply with the wish of their father or husband in building their career. Women have now come out of that culture to a great extent. However, freedom doesn't mean that you have the authority to misuse it.

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