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We often face trouble during shoots … Moutushi

Shah Alam Shazu
Photo: ridwan adid rupon
Photo: ridwan adid rupon

Moutushi Biswas is a popular TV actress, who also wears the garb of model and anchor as well. The artiste, who is very selective about her assignments, recently took time off to talk to The Daily Star about her experiences during shooting.
As she says, “I had to shoot a play under the direction of Masum Aziz at Pubile on the outskirts of Dhaka during the recent hot spell. Frequent power outage added to the woes of the entire unit.  However, we continued the shoot despite the adversity.
“Later, I took a quick shower to cool off but moments later we were severely bitten by the ants roaming the shooting location.
“We often face troubles”, the versatile talent added. “In the monsoon, we face trouble during outdoor shoots when the rain unexpectedly comes down in torrents. Recently, I went to Cox's Bazar to shoot a play but it came to a halt for hours due to the sudden rainfall.
“Besides, we often continue shooting on an empty stomach but it is really intolerable when you have to sacrifice lunch hour and keep smiling for the camera.
“Once we were really frightened while shooting a series “Chorkata” of director Sumon Anwar. On a boat in a remote hilly area of Rangamati as the entire unit were caught in a heavy storm. Later, we took shelter in a nearby hut.
“In 2005, I had to shoot a scene for the play “Banoful”, directed by Nurul Alam Atik until midnight. That was my first such experience.

“Apart from this, I fractured my leg shooting for the play “Hadudu” of directors Sakal Ahmed and Raihan Khan but I managed to complete my project. On my return to Dhaka, I had to take complete bed rest for several days.
“Another memory is a shoot in Europe when I had to get up very early in the morning to shoot a travel show as a host of the programme.
“I also gained many experiences from a show “Adventure Bangladesh” aired on Ekushey TV long ago. I had to travel to almost all the districts of Bangladesh to shoot the programme. I often stumbled during the shooting. I also suffered from jaundice after drinking water in Teknaf. Later, I was advised by the doctor to take a complete bed rest for a month.
“I played the double role of a young lady and an elderly woman in the acclaimed play “Ami Ke Bhulite Pari”, directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. It was very challenging task to portray such roles.
“An interesting incident once occurred when we went to Old Dhaka to shoot a play directed by Sihab Shaheen but the shoot had to be called off due to the presence of a large and curious crowd. I enjoyed that experience greatly.”

Published: 12:00 am Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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