• Thursday, April 17, 2014

“Trial of Mallam Ilya” set to premiere

A Correspondent

Theatre troupe BotTala is all set to bring their fifth production to stage. “The Trial of Mallam Ilya” will see three back-to-back shows at Dhaka University's Natmandal on January 1-3. Originally an African play by Mohammad Ben Abdallah, it has been translated by Soumya Sarker & Directed by Mohammad Ali Haider. The story revolves around Mallam, a fallen leader who faces trial after a revolt, and narrates his past at court, through depositions of the deceased. The story swings back and forth in time, showing the political changes interlaid between.
The central cast of the play includes Pankaj Majumdar, Toufiq Hasan Bhuiyan, Kazi Roksana Ruma, Samina Luthfa, Sheyuti Shahgufta, Imran Khan Munna and Humayra Akhter.

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