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The rivers of Bangladesh as subject

Art exhibition concludes

Fayza Haq

Bangladesh is a country of flowing rivers, with narrow bands of streams and rivulets. British Council and HSBC recently joined hands to organise an art exhibition based on the theme of rivers and rivulets of Bangladesh. The exhibition at the Dhaka Art Centre ended yesterday.
 Children from Sylhet, Bangladesh and the UK were the young artists. Through their works one got to see the mysteries of the rivers.
One child depicted rectangles and squares with praying men, bent coconut trees and camels. Along with these were soldiers belonging to ancient times. The work was mainly in vermillion and sap green, along with yellow and white.
Another young painter depicted 100 years of Surma River with horses, elephants and British troops. There were also castles with flags, Indian troops of the distant past, along with foreign elements like the image of the Big Ben. There were hills in the distance. The river was depicted as a curling serpentine being, growing between old houses and other greenery—all being a part of development. Mukti Joddhas (Freedom Fighters) were included in the delineation.
There was another whirl of red, with men and women at work. Children were shown working in a field. Female snake charmers were presenting a game of snakes. Women were also depicted as threshing paddy and catching fish for the home.
A brightly painting had a red rickshaw along with birds and a river. The river was depicted as containing fish and water-lilies. In the hood of the rickshaw were fish and birds. Elements like metal discs, lions' face, peacocks and other animals were included in the work. These art works  from six schools got much acclaim the world over.
This year the competition was more challenging  From Israb High School and Mokan High School and College, with the help of artist Rashad Imam, Tanmoy created ships of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Students  scoured the internet to collect pictures. The children copied designs of ships, anchors and trolleys and placed them on a chessboard with a black and white background. The soldiers and ship fleets are remarkable and delightful.

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