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The mystery of nature

Newton's solo exhibition to be held in Japan

Staff Correspondent

Saga Art Museum, Japan is going to organise a solo painting exhibition titled “Sound of Nature”, featuring the works of painter Zahir Hossain Newton next month. This is his 4th solo exhibition, featuring some 36 paintings.
Newton is one of the earnest painters in Dhaka art scene. He did his masters in the Crafts Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka. Earlier, his works mostly featured different types of birds and flowers. He had also been busy exploring the beauty of aquatic life.
Currently, the painter seems more aware of space, and his compositions are neat. His works zoom in on nature and its deepest beauty. His work is considered to be abstract expressionism. The backdrop of his paintings gives a meditative look to his works. He has used acrylic, mixed media on paper and canvas. His works are expressive due to the effective use of space in his paintings.
Newton has taken his colours from nature and that is why it is the most noteworthy aspect in his works. He likes to experiment with colour in all its varied facets – applying it directly, spattering thin layers on the canvas. His paintings construct a phrase on the essence of a colour and what they really mean.
Newton's canvases are lavish in abstract images of colours and forms. But this abstraction does not in any way hinder the viewers' perception of the artist's feeling and sensation. The poetic sound of nature and its divine stream produce a surge of sensitivity, enabling him to hear and interpret the sounds of nature, its colours, rhythm and poetry.
Newton's works with bright colours like azure, yellow, mauve and crimson. It is clear that his observation on the colours proffered by nature is an exciting feature in his works where they are present in all kinds of mind-puzzling compositions.

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