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Starstruck stars by football fever

Celebrities' World Cup thoughts

Shah Alam Shazu

As the curtains rise on the 2014 FIFA World Cup, 'The Biggest Show on Earth', Bangladesh is well and truly revving. With flags, jerseys and wall paintings, there is no other sporting event that is celebrated with more festivity and fervour. The biggest stars of the entertainment fraternity are just as involved and invested on the tournament as any other. Our stars will be staying up unearthly hours in front of the TV screen to root for their hot favourites. Which footballer makes them tick, what are their early memories of the game-- the celebrities needed no prodding to hold forth on the newest distraction in town.
Here are four popular actors, sharing their World Cup thoughts.

Zahid Hasan

I'm a supporter of Argentina. I have supported the team from the time of Maradona, who is my favourite football player. The World Cup evokes excitement as it comes every four years. Like everyone, I plan to spend sleepless nights to watch every match. Particularly, I don't want to miss the games of the big teams. This time I'm going to Brazil where I will enjoy the quarter finals and semi finals from the stadium. I had a longstanding plan to watch the event at the stadium but failed to manage time due to my hectic hours. But this time I bought tickets for the quarter finals and semi finals well in advance, to enjoy the World Cup to its fullest. I'm hoping Argentina will do well this time, with Messi leading them. Besides, I also think Germany, Portugal and Spain will play good football.

Mahfuz Ahmed

Brazil is my favorite team. As Brazil makes its game entertaining, they are very popular worldwide. The team became my favourite, during my student life. Pele is my favorite player. I'm hopeful about Brazil winning the cup as they have a strong squad. I won't miss any of the games of Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Germany.
Although the country is gripped in football fever, I think the most memorable day for all of us football fans will be when Bangladesh participates in the football World Cup.

Chanchal Chowdhury

I've been a supporter of Argentina since my childhood. Maradona and Messi are my favorite footballers. Like other years, I want to watch every match this time and if it is Argentina, there is no chance of missing the game. I'm also looking forward to the inauguration ceremony. It's tough to say who will win the World Cup this time, as anything can happen in sports, but I hope it is Argentina.
Football has been close to my heart from a very early age. There was a school playground beside my village home in Pabna then. Almost every day we played football those days. Apart from this, I participated in the local football tournaments. My friends and I also played football at the char of Padma.


Brazil is my favourite team. Although I plan to watch each match, I'll make sure I won't miss any of the Brazil games. It's still too early to say who will win the World Cup. As Brazil is a strong team and hosting the event, I'm hopeful about the team winning the cup.
As World Cup comes every four years, everyone is very excited over the game. My family members are gearing up to spend sleepless nights during the World Cup. I was sad to know that Kaka was left out from Brazil's squad. But Neymar's presence is a big relief.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, June 12, 2014

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