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Spreading Positivity through Art

In conversation with Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer, a Peruvian artist living in Montreal, Canada, is better known for recycling old skateboards into paintings for over 10 years. Although his spiritual art transcends just skateboards, he hopes to pass on a positive message with these expressions. His goal is to use his inner soul expressions to help other people with their own struggles and evolution into light.

Your art is heavily influenced by your Peruvian roots, were you living in Peru or how did it manifest itself?

Chris: Yes, I grew up in Lima Peru till age 17, before I moved to Canada where I live now. This upbringing definitely formed much of who I am today and this filters and influences my art as well. As soon as I can remember, I was creating something. Of course drawings and finger paintings and later junk robots, zines, club houses, mix tape covers, skate graphics, etc.

There has to be a connection between you and a skateboard, what is it and we also believe you started out with skateboard art?

Chris: I've been skating since I was eight years old in 1987, and still do it today. Though I never gained much skating skills, I love doing it. It is my fun, my exercise, my freedom and physical expression. As a kid I would do my own graphics (imitating the greats we had in the '80s) or do finger boards and cardboard vert ramps and stuff like that. Then in the late '90s, I drew my own graphics on the blank boards I rode. Only in the year 2000, I started to paint my old broken boards and have been doing it since. Now it's also a dream come true to do over 100 commercial skate graphics for the skate industry over the last 10 years.

Have you had an entheogen/psychedelic experience and has this influenced you or your work in a positive way?

Chris: Well, I used to experiment much in my 20s. I learned quite a bit from them and once I got the message and saw I was risking burn out, I stopped and moved on. So yes, I'd say those psychedelic experiences (as any other) have helped shape my art, but I don't really need them anymore.

Which is your favorite creation and why?

Chris: I don't have one. Each piece is a different expression, with its own subject matter and intention. I can't really pick what is better or worse, it is just all different and all good in one way or another. Then I just leave it up to my followers to pick what they prefer, if they feel like that.

What is the message you would like to communicate with your art?

Chris: Many things, I guess. Oneness of spirit and cultures; healing the psychological wounds of our past; bridging the very grounded street culture with the very airy hippie culture; duality and its dance; imagination creatures, etc.

What are your views of the time we are living in?

Chris: I think it's really special with potential for it all! I really enjoy the extent technology helps us and know it will only get better, as humanity keep evolving out of its adolescence. I like to keep it optimistic, so even with all the problems we face, I got to focus on how blessed we are at the same time.

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