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Rewind with Nirob

Shah Alam Shazu

Over the last couple of years, popular model Nirob has displayed his mettle as a powerful actor on the silver screen. Recently, he talked to The Daily Star about key moments in his eventful life:
“The first movie I watched at Nupur Cinema Hall in Pangsa of Rajbari district was Zakir Hossain Raju's “Jibon Sangsar”, starring late Salman Shah and Moushumi. During a visit to my uncle's home, my cousin, his friend and I made for the theatre and enjoyed it thoroughly as I was great fan of Salman Shah. That day is imprinted in my memory.
“Once Sarika and I went to Mymensingh to inaugurate a showroom and were confronted with a huge crowd.  As the crowd burgeoned, we had to seek police help to tackle the situation. On becoming a star, I have visited many places but that gathering was most surprising. That day I realised what it means for an actor to be showered with the love of the people.
“I loved playing cricket. Due to this, as a hired cricketer, I often took part in the game at different school playgrounds in Rajbari when I visited my uncle's home. Since I had earned much prominence as a cricketer, the people of the area hired me for the match.
“On a different topic, I was infatuated during my school days by a girl named Zerin. I went to school in the hope of a glance at my love interest. Such school boy crushes are a normal part of growing up.  
“I distinctly remember too the early days of my modelling career. I was sent to watch the shooting a TVC made by Amitabh Reza so that I could pick up the ropes of an off track TVC.  But a day before the shoot, Reza gave me the opportunity to work as co-model with Akram Khan. I was so happy at being given this chance. As it turned out, the TVC won much appreciation. This was a major achievement for me.
“After a long hiatus, I got the chance to model for another commercial. Soon I appeared in some acclaimed TVCs under the direction of Amitabh Reza.

“On February 8, 2008, I finally bought a car from one of my friends. I had always dreamed of buying a car. To fulfill the dream, I saved a big amount earned from two TVCs of Banglalink and some other projects.”

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, January 12, 2014

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