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Preparations underway for Pahela Boishakh

Zahangir Alom
FFA students busy in prep for the celebrations
FFA students busy in prep for the celebrations

Every Boishakh -- the first month of the Bangla calendar, people wish to shake off the previous year's gloom and prepare to usher in the New Year with renewed vigour. Boishakh brings with it a whole new flurry of festivities and celebrations, the biggest of which are Chhayanaut's Borshoboron and Charukala's Mongol Shobhajatra.
Leading cultural organisation and school Chhayanaut has been welcoming Pahela Boishakh at Ramna's Boto-mul since 1967. It has become an essential feature of the Bangla New Year celebrations. The first day of Boishakh begins with people getting up early in the morning attired in new Boishakhi saris and panjabis to go to Ramna Park to enjoy the songs, dances and recitations by the esteemed organisation. The theme for this year's celebration is “Swadesh O Samprity”, and is set to begin with a sarod recital at 6am.

Papier-mâché masks for the Mongol Shobhajatra.
Papier-mâché masks for the Mongol Shobhajatra.

Another significant celebration programme is the Mongol Shobhajatra that starts from the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) premises of Dhaka University. This year's Mongol Shobhajatra will start at around 9:30 am and will parade several streets adjacent to the FFA. Dhaka University Vice Chancellor and FFA Dean -- along with artists and teachers will lead the procession.  
The theme for this year's Mongol Shobhajatra is “Jagroto Koro, Udyoto Koro Nirbhoy Kore Hey”. The colourful procession will predominantly zoom in on the country's prosperity. Folk motifs including ducks, shoal of fish, fawn, mother and child, tigers, cats, owls, clay-pan paintings and more will be showcased at the Mongol Shobhajatra.
Three honours batches --13th, 14th and 15th – of FFA are steering the wheel of this year's Pahela Boishakh celebrations. Bioscope is a new addition for the year. Work is already underway in creating exquisitely made papier-mâché masks; enthusiastic preparations are on at the FFA to celebrate the country's biggest cultural festival. Students, teachers and alumni are seen working on the paintings, pottery, traditional dolls, decorated pots, masks and more at the faculty premises. They were seen busy working on huge bamboo frames of the folk motifs that will be among the main attractions of this year's Mongol Shobhajatra.
On April 13 evening, a “Chaitra Sangkranti” programme will be held at the Bakultala of FFA, where students will perform in a cultural programme. There will also be a puppet show at the faculty throughout the Pahela Boishakh celebrations. Apart from this, a traditional jatrapala will be staged at FFA premises.
People from all walks of life will contribute to make this day a special beginning. There are those who work hard to bring out the festivities and it's up to the rest of the people to make it worth all the effort, by simply visiting and participating in them with open hearts.

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