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Preema's creative expressions at Dhaka Art Summit

Nawshaba Aziz
Photo: Ridwan Adid Rupon
Photo: Ridwan Adid Rupon

Nazia Andaleeb Preema's endeavour to attain versatility in her work is apparent in her passion for new media, techniques and experimentation. Her creations span over genres, ranging from traditional to digital, in her pursuit to constantly test her limits. Some of her pieces, including paintings, an experimental installation and a video projection on 'teletalk with her' are on at the second edition of Dhaka Art Summit, which closes today.
Preema's artworks are set to be showcased by the renowned Lahore Art Gallery of Pakistan and Gallery Cosmos of Dhaka at the Art Summit. Her curator, artist and art critic Quddus Mirza said: “In the past, Andeleeb's work has been recognised for its innovative approach, distinct technique and lyrical overtones. Presently her canvases and video installation indicate pleasure and celebration of freedom, beauty and the act of mark-making; all that is essential to create a work of art as an idea forever.”
The renowned curator noted her penchant for representing women and the issues they face in our society and stated, “The artist appears as a social activist through her work. 'Staring Women' is one of her major series on women that depicts the strength of a Bangalee Muslim woman. Her works in visual media always focus on female behaviour and patterns.”
“Preserving eggs” is an installation by the artist, articulating a fantasy of a womb. Using water, eggs and a five-month old baby, the work shows the agony of a woman and her emotional interpretation to become a mother. Preema's artworks are part of the Art Summit which will showcase five exhibitions curated by local and international curators, 14 solo art projects, a city-wide public art project, screenings of experimental films, performances, and presentations by 33 local and international galleries. Over 250 artists from South Asian countries are participating in the second edition of the summit.
Preema believes time is ripe for local artists to realise that we need to create our own language in art. When asked, “You have so many different styles of work, which one is yours?” the artist firmly answered, “When it comes to art I am not a conformist, rather just an artist.”

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