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On a musical note...

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Fazlur Rahman Babu
Fazlur Rahman Babu

Of late many actors have followed their hearts to emerge as talented singers as well. Among them is National Award winning Fazlur Rahman Babu whose rendition of the song “Nithua Pathare” in the movie “Monpura” earned him immense popularity. Millions of music lovers still hum the popular tune. Several solo and mixed albums of the acclaimed actor have been released, while he has come into the spotlight with his rendition of  songs in the film “Ghetuputro Kamola”.
Another National Award wining TV actor Chanchal Chowdhury also sang for “Monpura”. Subsequently, a number of audio companies offered him singing assignments. Chanchal has released an audio album. His last song was for the film “Pita” based on the Liberation War with Meher Afroze Shaon.


Tarin entered into the media world as a child artiste. Later, the former Natun Kuri champion emerged as a successful actress-cum-dancer. She came into the spotlight with her powerful acting in the well known serial “Sangsaptak”. To the surprise of her fans, the actress was seen singing away on a TV channel. She released a solo album last year.
Prominent television actress and director Bipasha Hayat has long dominated the media world. She has also emerged as an author. But many are yet to know that the versatile talent is a painter and sings Tagore songs.
Meanwhile, famed film artiste Moushumi revealed her singing talent by  playbacking in several movies. The actress was seen performing songs on different TV channels as well. She recently sang for the movie “Chayachhobi”. Earlier, her mixed album was released.
Actor-cum-model Apurbo made his debut as director recently. A little known facet of him is that he has been singing since his childhood. He rendered songs on several TV shows. His rendition of the title song in the play “Bhalobasher Chatushkon” aired on ntv became very popular.

Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury

While acting in TV plays, Shagota has long innings in the world of cinema, modelling and anchoring. In addition, she has a passion for singing. She also was a member of the band Mahakal. She was often seen performing in different stage shows.
Theatre artiste Shamim Zaman emerged as a singer when he worked with the theatre troupe Arannak Nattyadal. Several solo and mixed albums of the actor hit the audio market. He also rendered the title song for a TV play.
Former Dhallywood heartthrob Diti has been singing for quite sometime. She released an audio album and also playbacked in films. Apart from this, she has featured as a singer on different TV channels.


Although Romana and Tisha are not regular performers, they do have melodious voices. Tisha, Romana, Kona and Nafisa jointly formed a band named Angel Four.
Popular artistes of the silver screen Jaya Ahsan and Shakib Khan rendered songs in their own films.
Late film artiste Zafar Iqbal earned fame as a singer. He sang for several movies. The renowned actor also released his audio albums.
 Ishita rendered songs on different TV programmes and so has actor Hasan Masud. Azizul Hakin, Sharmin Lucky and Mosharaf Karim are great songsters as well.

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