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Celebrating International Women's Day

“Music is an instrument of social change”... Krishnokoli

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Singer-songwriter Quazi Krishnakali Islam, known popularly as Krishnokoli, has found a place in the hearts of tasteful music listeners with her tunes that are connected to the roots of her country, lyrics that are easy to relate to, and a soothing, melodious voice. The artiste thinks that in the country's music arena, women's role is very much 'entertaining'.
“Women's intellectual assets, or dignity, or their relation to society -- how they own it and how it looks at them -- is not in focus. There are some sporadic instances of it, but it's not substantial from what I see,” she said. However, the artiste is optimistic in women's strides in other sectors of society. “Women are working in various places. Be it as garments workers or officials of authority, they are serious about their career and contribution to society. Maybe they have to face struggle at a personal level, but they have their dignity. Even in intellectual activities like filmmaking or literature, I see women holding their own. For instance, what Begum Rokeya wrote 150 years ago is immensely powerful, and still holds true, but I don't see that in music. When we research for folk music, the way they are presented and the messages in those lyrics and tunes that we see -- is absent in today's music.”
On this year's theme of the International Women's Day, “Inspiring Change”, Krishnokoli thinks the reason change is required is because something is not right or ideal. “The search to break free of conservativeness -- stopping short of the boundaries of our social problems -- is what we do. Social change is a process, and music is just one of the instruments of that; we're working in that sector. If the change comes, that's great; if not, we keep trying.”

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