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Monsoon melodies and romantic songs at Arts Precinct

Zahangir Alom

Bengal Foundation organised a solo musical soiree featuring a performance by noted singer Sharmin Sathi Islam at Daily Star-Bengal Arts Precinct on August 20. The artiste mostly presented Nazrul's monsoon melodies along with songs of yesteryears composed by Kamol Dasgupta, Himangshu Dutta, Nachiketa Ghosh, Hemanta Mukherjee, Salil Chowdhury, Khan Ataur Rahman and others.  

Sharmin Sathi set off the event with the song “Pashaner Bhangaley Ghum”. Her presentation of -- “Rumjhum Badal Aji Boroshey”, “Ajhor Dharaye Borsha Jhorey”, “Porodeshi Megh”, “Shawon Ashilo Phirey” earned her accolades.  

The artiste then performed two romantic jhulan -- “Elo Krishna Kanhaiya Tamal Bon-e” and “Dol-e Bon Tomaler Jhulonatey” that evoked a romantic euphoria revolving around the monsoon. Sharmin Sathi performed the lesser-known musical genre of our National Poet. The imageries of chandra-chokor (moon and a mythical bird) and chatak (skylark) appeared lively when the artiste performed the second jhulan number. As the performances fuelled the audience's thirst to hear more of this genre, the singer rendered a kirttan “Sakhi Ami Nahoy Maan Korechhinu” on request.

Her offering of the songs “Orey Neel Jamunar Jol” and “Duronto Bayu Puroboiya” was also captivating. She wrapped up her Nazrul Sangeet performance with a Bhairavi genre “Mor Ghum Ghor-e Ele Monohor”.

The second part of the soiree was rather interesting. Due to autumnal pitter-pattering of rain and unusual city traffic, many joined the programme a bit late; and missed the first phase of the artiste's performance. Sharmin Sathi was performing rather well the romantic and melancholic golden oldies including “Mon Niye Priyo Priyo Jeyona Phirey”, “Tomaye Amar Prothom Dekha”, “Koto Gaan Haralam”, a Geeta Dutt record, “ Klanto Shefalira Ghumiye Porechhe”, a Pratima Bandopadhyay record, “Prantorer o Gaan Amar”, “Ki Je Kori” a Lata Mangeshkar record and “Ek Boroshar Bristite Bhijey”, a Nilufar Yasmin record. The audience greeted her with rounds of applause as her performance touched their hearts. On the other hand, the artiste seemed confused whether her rendition was precise or not. The second part of the soiree will remain ever fresh to the memories of many thanks to Sharmin Sathi's rendition of her several favourite songs.

 Enamul Haque Omar on tabla, Asit Biswas on esraj and Rooptanu on keyboard accompanied the singer. An acoustic guitar would definitely embellish the gravity of the event. Director General of Bengal Foundation Luva Nahid Choudhury delivered the vote of thanks while deputy director of the organisation Sadia Rahman welcomed the audience at the beginning of the performance.            

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2014

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