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Memories of Juboraj

Friends and colleagues look back at times with Khaled Khan

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Jhuna Chowdhury, Actor-Organiser
He was a great human being. His prowess as an actor was beyond question, but it was the man he was off-stage that I loved him for. He always wanted to stay an artiste; when we wanted to involve him with organisational activities, he would say he enjoys being an artiste more than anything.
Tariq Anam Khan, Actor-Director
Khaled Khan was a strong presence on stage. His enthusiasm for the stage is rare to find these days. I have countless memories of him, of work and beyond -- especially during the movement against autocracy in the 90's. He had an amazing voice, and lent voice to a number of commercials made by me.
Salauddin Lavlu, Director
I would term Khaled Khan a pure artiste. We were very close friends; when my office was in Dhanmondi, myself, Masum Reza and he used to have lunch often, and talk about arts and literature. In my directorial debut on television, named “Koitob”, he played the lead role, alongside Aly Zaker and Golam Mustafa. We also acted together in BTV's appraised drama “Kon Kanon'er Phool”. I have lost a true friend today.
Nima Rahman, Actor
He was a very good friend of mine. We worked together in Nagorik; I did a number of plays with him. “Dewan Gazi'r Kissa”, “Ocholayoton” and “Dorpone” are all special to me. We were both students of Waheedul Haque; as a matter of fact, it was he who took me to Waheedul Haque. We have spent a lot of time together; the memories will remain.
Tauquir Ahmed, Actor-Director
Khaled Khan was better known as Juboraj; I used to call him Jubo'da. He was a complete artiste, something you cannot find these days. He had vast experience of the stage, was an excellent singer, and a successful director. It's unfortunate that he fell ill at a time when he still had so much to give. I have learned a lot from him. Though he is no more, the audience will remember him for his works, and so will we.
Ranjit Das, Painter
Khaled proved his ability as an actor to audiences from all walks of life. He was very amiable and a great conversationalist. Khaled had a great passion for art; he knew many artists in our country, and was very knowledgeable on our sub-continent paintings. He had this ability to quickly become the centre of attention at social and cultural gatherings.

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