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Linkin Park generate Fandemonium at Yahoo Live concert

LP doing what they do best: Rocking out.
LP doing what they do best: Rocking out.

Linkin Park released their debut album in October 2000, and since then they've established themselves as the top new act of this millennium, with more than 24 million albums sold. And the crowd reaction at their New Jersey stop on their Carnivores Tour, streamed Friday night on Yahoo Live from Camden's Susquehanna Bank Center (New Jersey, USA), made it clear why. Linkin Park owe it all to their fans – who clearly sill connect to the band's timeless themes of rage, alienation, and despair after all these years — are very, very devoted fans.

Whether it was the audience members who hugged it out with lead singer Chester Bennington during 2010's “Waiting for the End”; the kids who sang along with co-frontman Mike Shinoda during the signature song “In the End” (dedicated to a diehard in the crowd wearing a vintage Linkin Park T-shirt from 2001); or the countless fans who watched online and took to Twitter to express their fawning fondness for their favorite band, there was a whole lot of Linkin love on Friday.

Linkin Park was playing Susquehanna in support of their sixth studio album, “The Hunting Party”, but they attacked their new and vintage material with equal enthusiasm and ferocity during their intense and incendiary two-hour set. They actually only played a handful of Hunting Party cuts — “Guilty All the Same”, “Wastelands”, “Until It's Gone” — instead mixing it up with their classic material (“Points of Authority”, “Numb”, “Faint”) plus an assortment of sprawling intros, outros, and solos, divided into three acts. And they even did a whopping seven-song encore! Bennington and Shinoda truly comprise one of the hardest-working alt-rock buddy acts in show business.

While the staying power of this band likely gladdens the hearts of old-school hard rock fans (after all, few other rock acts can still sell 110,000 copies of a new album in a single week, as they recently did with “The Hunting Party”), Linkin Park have always incorporated elements of electronic music — another reason why they've managed to stay relevant 18 long years after they formed in the midst of a late-'90s nu-metal explosion. And surely one of their Friday concert highlights was when the Susquehanna Bank Center morphed into an LED-lit rave for the live “Experience” rendition of “Castle of Glass”, mixed with the version from the remix collection Recharged.

Linkin Park also proved they can strip things down, pulling a 180 by following that epic EDM moment with a stark medley of ballads (“Leave Out All the Rest”, “Shadow of the Day” and “Iridescent”)… only to get totally funky once again for turntablist Joseph Hahn's thunderous, bowel-quaking DJ solo.

Even after 28 numbers, Linkin Park clearly left fans yearning for more, but they didn't leave fans empty-handed: They ventured back into the crowd to shake and high-five hands with spectators, lingering long after the houselights flipped on and roadies started tear down the stage.

So in the end, it really did matter.

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