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Launching of Media Box: Representing Bangladesh Positively

In conversation with Syed Sajedur Rahman Firoz

Zahangir Alom

Visual media and publication house Media Box is formally going to be launched soon. Since its inception in 2009, Media Box has been producing documentary films and specialised music videos along with publishing books on illuminated personalities and on historical, cultural and archaeological heritages.
In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, Syed Sajedur Rahman Firoz, the proprietor and CEO of Media Box, talked about his dream, cultural responsibility and commitment to represent Bangladesh positively for the forthcoming generations and abroad. Excerpts:
“The concept and vision of Media Box is primarily to highlight Bangladesh's history, culture, archaeological heritages and lifestyles of its people. We are not producing commercial films. All our documentaries are based on solid research works. Some of our researches took one to two years to complete. We now have our own 'Print Library' on various subjects.
“I have now gone into publishing. The intention is to publish hard-cover pictorial books on each documentary film that Media Box has made and will make. The main reason is that from the findings of our research, it is not possible to include all the findings in the films we make, due to time constraints. So we will now be able to include the findings in the books. We have completed one such book on revolutionary Binod Bihari Chowdhuri, titled “Agnipurush” (“The Firebrand Rebel”). We have made the book in Bangla and English.
“The launching will include screening of several documentary films – 'Agni Purush – Biplobi Binod Bihari Chowdhury' and 'Bhasha Matin' (profile documentaries); 'Agni Juger Dhaka', 'Agni Juger Anushilon Samity', 'Master Da Surjya Sen', 'Pritilata Wadeddar', 'Portuguese In Bengal' (historical documentaries); 'Bhasha Matin' (documentary film for children); 'Baul' (heritage documentary); 'Ambitious Stallion' (a satirical film); 'Shat Purusher Dhaka' (a true story of old Dhaka); 'Kansha' (a story on bell metal of Dhamrai); 'Baliati', 'Muktagachha Rajbari' and 'Hosne Dalan' (on heritage) and 'Paal Para', 'Khete Khaoa Manush'; 'Adibashi' (lifestyles of the marginalised). Most of our films have English subtitles.
“These films will be like archival project works designed for the younger generations of our country, so that they can properly and concretely know their own heritage, feel pride in Bangladesh's opulence and indomitability and carry forward the legacy. Each one of our work highlights an in-depth insight into the focused subject. We have plans to bring out a regular magazine with contents on art, literature, history, heritage and culture. Books and films published from the Media Box will cover the bold and the glorious movements and chapter of our history ranging from Chittagong youth revolt to our sublime Liberation War of 1971.
“Besides, I have a great passion to depict the philosophy and lifestyle of Bauls on visuals. That's why I would like to give emphasis on producing and making a documentary film and publish a book on Bauls who truly hold the essence of our folk culture. The great thinker Gokhle once said: 'What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow and the rest of the world the day after!' I feel an urge to represent Bangladesh positively through unique works in this regard. I have been conducting a research work on Bauls since 2009, which we are going to transform into visual media. The narration, interpretation and translation are pretty difficult.

“We'll have a launching committee comprising eminent personalities. The launching of Media Box will have unveiling of a book titled “Agni Purush- Biplobi Binod Bihari Chowdhury” and two music video/DVDs –titled “Rana Plaza” and “Barsha”,  lyrics, composed and recorded at Media Box's own studio by Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb along with the launching of its documentary films. Also, there will be an unveiling of “Media Box Logo with signature tune” on the screen along with a short visual presentation, featuring activities of Media Box. The event will contain performance of ganosangeet, Rabindra Sangeet and Nazrul Sangeet. We are also thinking of inviting internationally-famous mime maestro Partha Pratim Majumder from Paris, France to showcase a mime drama based on the conscience of Liberation War at the cultural part.
“The launching event will be like a mini Documentary Film Festival with 14/15 films. Media Box is hoping to catch the imagination of the audiences of all ages, especially the younger generations with its own brand of dynamic presentation.”

Published: 12:00 am Friday, July 18, 2014

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