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Lakshyapar's ode to monsoon

Musical soiree and lecture in Narayanganj

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Artistes perform at the event.
Artistes perform at the event.

The monsoon session of Lakshyapar was held on August 8 evening at Narayanganj High School and College auditorium. The classical music soiree featured four artistes -- Sharmila Majumdar, Barsha Majumdar Papri, Priyanka Das Tithi and Supriya Das, all from Sylhet and disciples of the same guru - Pandit Ramkanai Das. The artistes performed monsoon-themed ragas and songs based on ragas. The concept of the programme was designed in the form of a lecture demonstration and not kheyal recitals only. With an eye to building up a new generation audience of classical music, the script of the programme incorporated four sections, under four ragas associated with clouds and rains. Each section comprised description, demonstration and short performance of one raga followed by a selection of songs set on that.

Following a brief introduction on raga Miyan Ki Malhar, Barsha Majumdar Papri, performed a kheyal. Later, four artistes sang four songs to reveal the relationship of the tunes with the raga. The corresponding songs were “Snigdha Shyam Beni Barna” (Nazrul Sangeet), “Jhoro Jhoro Borishey” (Rabindra Sangeet), “Shrabano Ghonaye” and “Elo Borosha”.

Priyanka Das Tithi came up next to introduce raga Gaur Malhar and performed a kheyal tailing with a bhajan. The song associated with the raga was “Shraban Megh Maya”.

Sharmila Majumdar took up raga Jaijawanti. Though not a monsoon raga, Jaijawanti has special appeal and connotations with Malhar and Megh. Sharmila's profound and cool performance of the kheyal was followed by three Nazrul songs – “Abar Ki Elorey Badol”, “Megh-e Megh-e Ondho” and “Megh Medur Borosha”.

The other clusters of presentation included raga -- Shudh Malhar, Sur Malhar, Nat Malhar and Megh. The audience seemed moved by Supriya's offering of raga Megh. She invigorated the Lakshyapar audience by her musical creativity, skill and emotion. Variation followed in the middle with the presentation of kajri, a folk song. Sabuj Ahmed accompanied the performers on tabla throughout the programme. Host Sumana Biswas added a new dimension to the event reciting famous poems on monsoon. The two-hour soiree attracted a sizeable young audience who enjoyed classical and semi-classical genres.

At the beginning, chief advisor of Lakshyapar Kashem Jamal handed over “Haradhan-Sukhen Classical Music Scholarship” money to six recipients from last year's competition.

Online stations Radio Lakshyapar and Radio Nree broadcast the programme live. FB Fashion Private Limited remains the leading patron for all the seasonal sessions, schooling and scholarship programmes of Lakshyapar.

Published: 12:00 am Saturday, August 16, 2014

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