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Khaled Mahmud Sujon has words of advice for participants

Tahrima Ahmed Trishna
Khaled Mahmud Sujon speaks at the grooming session.
Khaled Mahmud Sujon speaks at the grooming session.

Khaled Mahmud Sujon, former captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team, joined the Spelling Bee participants in a grooming session about good sportsmanship. The grooming session is held every year in The Daily Star Center to gear participants for upcoming challenges where many celebrities come to share their knowledge and experiences. Likewise Mahmud also shared his experiences and challenges during his sports career. He has been mentoring the Spelling Bee TV Round participants from the 1st season.
This writer had an interesting conversation with Mahmud who aired his views on Spelling Bee, “Two things impress me a lot, one is the sheer number of participants every year which keeps increasing. The second is the confidence of children. The way they stand up in the podium and reply with confidence at times strikes me; they may make mistakes but they don't let it discourage them. Making mistakes is a big part of our lives but not letting it affect us is the lesson we need to learn. Seeing these young children marching on confidently is what I love most about the show.”
Mahmud went on to add, “Being a sportsman, I emphasize on the sportsmanship and leadership segment of the competition. Winning the competition is important but winning is not as important as how the game is played. To be a good sportsman one needs to be respectful of other competitors, self-motivated and not let a mistake get to them.
In the competition, these children learn about the importance of focus, which will help them later in their career. I also try to teach them to be responsible citizens and make them understand that their achievements count. And their contribution to our country takes us a long way.”
He also calls upon parents around the nation to encourage their children to participate in Spelling Bee. “I have two children and as a parent and sportsman, I realise the importance of a competition. Spelling Bee helps children gain knowledge and nurture positive sportsmanship. Being good in studies is important but not enough nowadays. Social skills are also important and this is what I see Spelling Bee participants gaining from the competition. The participants share their knowledge, learn to be on stage, make friends and learn to face tough challenges which prepare them for their future.”
Tonight The Daily Star Spelling Bee Powered Horlicks, brought to you by Champs21.com,  will air on Channel i at 7:50 pm.

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