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Jege Achho Ki' was my big breakthrough … Nowshin

Shah Alam Shazu

Nowshin, the girl with the toothy smile, launched headlong into her media career as a host at Radio Today. Her debut TV play became an even huger hit. Since then, she has been swamped with assignments.

The artiste spoke to The Daily star about her professional life.

How do you see your career going?

Nowshin: I've managed to establish myself in a very short time with Allah's blessings and people's love. My ambition is not to be at the top or bottom of my profession, but retain a firm niche in the showbiz with some good work.

Why aren't you anchoring shows anymore?

Nowshin: Anchoring is on the back seat right now, although I had great success in the popular live talk show “Jege Achho Ki” on Rtv. But like every year, I plan to anchor a programme this Eid.

Tell us a little more about “Jege Achho ki”?

Nowshin: I'm very fortunate that the audience received the show, which was my first on TV, as warmly they did on the radio. I think all this was possible because of my fans and family.

As an actor, which kind of characters attracts you the most?

Nowshin: A role where there is room for expression and challenge. I think I'm perfect for the character of a jealous woman.

Would you like to work behind the camera?

Nowshin: I would love to! But I can't write scripts. When I become a really successful artiste, I will hopefully go into direction.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your husband working in the same field?

Nowshin:  To start with, we understand each other's work well, which would be difficult if we were from different professions. The downside is that often we can't attend family events together, as we have very little free time.

Does your popularity ever get to you?

Nowshin: Not at all … I really enjoy it, though. But I feel very embarrassed when I see false news about me.

Since when have you been involved with cultural activities?

Nowshin: As a child, learned singing and dancing. I also received a national award, the Khelaghar Jatiyo Puroskar.

Who are your favourite actors in the industry?

Nowshin: Shomi Kaisar, Moushumi and late Salman Shah.

Published: 12:00 am Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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