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I want to work in assignments where the audience will see a new me

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Photo: Ridwan Adid Rupon
Photo: Ridwan Adid Rupon

Rumana Malik Munmun, who secured top five position in the Lux Channel i Superstar pageant, is one of the popular TV hosts of our time. Alongside anchoring she juggles her role as an actress, model and dancer. Recently, she dropped by at the DS café. Excerpts:
Tell us about the show “Amar Ami” that you have been emceeing for long?
It was a great achievement for me as many similar programmes like this were later aired on other channels as well. So the credit goes to “Amar Ami”. I am glad as it could draw attention of a niche audience. Although anchoring needs presence of mind and is tough, I quite enjoy this.
Your most memorable moments during anchoring ...
Once, acclaimed actor ATM Shamsuzzaman and TV director Giasuddin Selim were invited to “Amar Ami”. Of them, ATM Shamsuzzaman is hard of hearing. The interesting part was that I had to speak loudly and in a low voice at the same programme for the duo. Apart from this, several interesting incidents took place during hosting the “Spelling Bee” for kids.
Tell us about the challenges of hosting live shows.
A number of unexpected things occur during emceeing live events. Sometimes the microphone is cut off; sometimes guests fail to understand the questions.

How would you evaluate your profession itself?
It is a great profession if you only can meet up the challenges along with it. I take it as passion as I try to perform from the core of my heart with due respect.
Do you have a nickname?
My grandpa called me Bundia while elder sister addressed me as Munna. In the media, people called me Munmun. Some others also call me Rumana.  
Are you superstitious?
I am. It is always at the back of the mind. For example, I halt for a while if I stumble before leaving for work. It is what I learnt from the elders.
A special memory from your acting career...
For my first TV play “Batasher Khacha”, celebrated artistes Humayan Faridee and Suborna Mustafa praised me, which was very inspiring.
What projects would you like to do in future?
I'm very interested to work on thrillers. I like experimental work. I want to appear in assignments where the audience will get to see a new me!
You are rarely seen on any new acting projects after the movie “Daruchini Dwip”. Why so?
I think I need to prep up before acting in films. However, I have been flooded with offers to act.
How long have you been involved with arts and entertainment?
I trained in dance from Bulbul Lalitakala Academy while music from Taranga Lalitakala Academy. I first performed in a BTV programme under the direction of Chitra Sultana.

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