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I aspired to become a pilot … Swagata

Shah Alam Shazu

Swagata is a household name on the small screen, besides being a model, anchor, actress and singer.
In a recent conversation, the multi-faceted Swagata talked about her busy professional life:

Which was your first TV play?

Swagata: It was “Icche Puron”, directed by Yusuf Hasan Ark.

Tell us about your new serial “Elebele” on Banglavision?

Swagata: I appear as a village girl in the play scripted and directed by Badrul Anam Soud. I had to learn the local dialect of Mymensingh to enact the role. The director and the entire team were very helpful in this regard. The drama, featuring a number of prominent artistes, was shot in Rajendrapur.

What about your other play “Dhanni Meye”, being telecast on Channel 9?

Swagata: Here, I play a courageous character named Monisha who is a physician by profession. I thoroughly enjoyed acting in the critically acclaimed play.

Any other plays being aired currently?

Swagata:  There is “Swapan Korechhi Bapon”, directed by Syed Awlad. I have taken a fresh approach to this role.

You are now working on a new TV episode “Apurba”?

Swagata: Directed by Goutom Koiri, it is a story based on the life of four women corporates. I play one of them. In the project, the audience will see me in a new avatar.

What's in the pipeline on the small screen?

Swagata: In the next few days, I will be very busy shooting for several new serials. I am now working on “Annandamahal”, a story, based on the struggle of a 35-year-old woman who falls on hard days after her daughter's demise. I came face to face with hard reality when I was doing this role.  

What about anchoring?

Swagata: I am emceeing a programme “Positive View” on ntv. It is targeting at those involved in underworld music. It will be telecast four times a month. As the audience love my anchoring, I want to emcee a few other select programmes. Overall, I prefer to emcee such music related programmes.

You are also seen singing. Tell us more...

Swagata: I am totally into music.

What was your last movie?

Swagata: “Firey Esho Behula” I appeared in the film as a guest artiste.

How do you start your morning?

Swagata: It starts with a cup of tea that I enjoy with my father. When I return home late at night, I often find him sleeping in the drawing room, awaiting my arrival.

Do you have any cherished memories about your dad?

Swagata: My father sometimes surprises me with a visit when I am near Dhaka on a shooting location for two or three days, A few days ago as I prepared for a shot, my father was at the location digging into a watermelon.

What was your ambition in your younger days?

Swagata: As a school girl, I aspired to be a pilot. Later, I thought of becoming a singer.

How much did you make for your first appearance on screen?

Swagata: I got Taka 300 after an appearance as a child artiste in a BTV programme.

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