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Hanging out with Ishana on weekends

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Lux Superstar Ishana is making it big both as model and actor on the small screen. Despite her hectic routine, Ishana manages to squeeze in a little leisure time. She recently talked to The Daily Star about her hang out time…

How do you spend most of your time on your day off?

Ishana: I usually stay at home. I watch movies late into the night and get up late. Just enjoy my free moments.

What's the first thing on your mind when you wake up on a holiday?

Ishana: Definitely, a cup of coffee. I feel I feel energised when I take a sip of coffee in the mornings.

What do you enjoy most during your spare time?

Ishana: Nowadays, there are holidays galore what with hartal and blockades.  Besides I like to go shopping at night. Sometimes I glance through the script of a play.  I also visit my aunt's home in the capital and hang out with friends. India beckons me and I enjoy shopping there. Apart from this, I visit Rangamati and Cox's Bazar . Cox's Bazar is my favourite travel destination.

What food items are most available in your refrigerator?

Ishana: Different types of fruits and chocolate.

What is usually on your breakfast menu?

Ishana: I generally prefer light food. I mostly have fresh fruit and juice. I generally avoid oily food for breakfast.

What do you prefer more -- reading or watching movies?

Ishana: I usually watch a lot of movies, especially during holidays. But I also like to read. The latest film we watched at the cinema hall was “Nishwartho Bhalobasha”. I'm a big fan of Humayun Ahmed's writing, and have finished all his volumes. I'm now into writings of Samaresh Majumder.

Tell us about your favourite food ...

Ishana: almost anything cooked by my mother. She takes extra care making my favourite dishes during vacations. Fried pumpkin flowers are one item that I love! Another favourite is hilsa eggs.

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