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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Fahmim Ferdous
Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Comics superheroes have been lighting up the big screen on a very regular basis in recent years, producing some of the biggest global blockbusters. Be it solo heroes in Iron Man, Captain America or Thor, or their team-up in Avengers, fans of superhero films can't seem to get enough of them. “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the latest in that line, has been no exception. Since its USA release on August 1, it has taken box offices across the globe by storm, and thankfully for the Dhaka audience, the film is releasing in 3D today at the Star Cineplex, following its premiere on Tuesday.

The first thing to notice about “Guardians” is that it's nothing like the other films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's set in a world more distant than the others; none of the superheroes are 'superheroes' per se, and despite not having any typically big name in the cast (the two biggest names in the cast, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, aren't even seen in their own skin in the film), the film packs a big punch.

Set against an intergalactic backdrop, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is a 'ravager', who has become part of a group of space pirates after being abducted in his childhood from Earth following his mother's death. He steals an orb, but finds out that disciple of the fanatic Ronan (from planet Kree) are after it. Gamora (Zoe Saldana), a personal assassin of Thanos (a recurring super-villain in Marvel Comics) is sent to capture it too. Bounty hunters Rocket, a genetically-modified intelligent raccoon (played in performance-capture by Brad Cooper) and his accomplice humanoid tree Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) are after the bounty named after Quill, and they are all arrested by the Nova police and sent to prison. There, they meet powerful inmate Drax (played by pro wrestler Dave Bautista), and they form an unlikely team of superheroes, in a quest to keep the orb safe, that contains an ultra-powerful 'infinity stone' which Ronan is after, to serve his purpose of destroying Xandar, the capital of Nova. Their thrilling adventures eventually results in Nova being saved, and Ronan being defeated.

What the film does brilliantly is pack humour and spunk in an uncomplicated, fast-paced story. Touchy, humane elements are incorporated ever so subtly but powerfully, while the action and thrill quotients are up to the brim. The Computer-Generated Imagery is absolutely magnificent, and the entire cast does a superb job. The audience laughs, shrieks, screams and is touched, and connects to the characters immediately. The most important message the film delivers is that heroism is not in extraordinary powers or skills, but in bravery, humility and sacrifice, and that is where the film, directed by James Gunn and distributed by Walt Disney Studios, touches a chord most superhero films can't.

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