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Group art exposition

Bangladeshi and Japanese artists in a feast for the eyes

Takir Hossain

Gloria Japan Bangladesh Friendship Association with Gallery Chitrak have jointly organised a group art exposition featuring the works of 19 Bangladeshi artists and 10 Japanese artists at Gallery Chitrak in Dhanmondi. The exhibition demonstrates a varied genre of art in both countries. The Bangladeshi painters have mainly focused on traditional folk art, picturesque beauty in different locations, moving and remarkable sights. Some artists have painted underprivileged people, capturing the diverse moments of their social and cultural life as well as commoners' sufferings, torments and ecstasies. The Japanese painters have highlight urban and countryside landscapes, scenic beauties and religious rituals. Some artists' works plunge deep into pure forms and compositions.
Among the Bangladeshi participants, Abdus Shakoor Shah is the senior most. The painter is widely recognised for his folk motifs and ballads. At the exhibition, his acrylic-based painting denotes three visages in different perspectives where two female faces and a male face signify the pastoral life in the country. The painter has also used straight lines and curves while portraying human figure and objects.
Jamal Ahmed is one of the hardcore realist painters who portray rural scenic beauty, women in urban and semi-urban setting, metropolis, bauls and more. The artist paints people, capturing the sundry moments of their social obligatory. At the exhibition, his acrylic on canvas articulates a solitary fisherman pull his fishing net against the backdrop of a turbulent sea.
Sheikh Afzal Hossain is a pure realist painter who has a passion for portraying the slum environment, street children and underprivileged people in both the urban and rural setting.
Ahmed Shamsuddoha has been greatly influenced by surrealist painters Salvador Dali and Boris Vallejo. At the exhibition, he has used the forms of blossoming flowers in a large dried up tree and a number of vague forms. Emerald green and light blue are prominent colours in his piece where figures are completely missing. His paintings provide the spectators a sense of mystery.
 Mohammad Muniruzzaman has a passion for depicting the grandeur of nature-- tranquility, murky environment, cloudy skies and hilly areas. He has also been highlighting the neglected people, the lives of Freedom Fighters, people's right and childhood memories in his works. The artist first focuses on his theme, then pours his effort to other technical aspects.
Md. Zahir is a watercolourist. At the exhibition, he prefers seasonal transformation, winter mornings, forests, rainy days, water vessels and blue skies. The subjects of his works appear in a sombre mood and their characteristics are consistently highlighted.

Other Bangladeshi participants are Afrozza Jamil Konka, Elham Huq Khuku, Mahabuba Karim Mini, Faruk Ahamad, Saida Akhter and others.
Among the Japanese participating painters, Tadaichi Skamoto is one of the prominent figures in the exposition. The painter has been hugely inspired by the works of the Impressionists and Post-impressionists and he adopts their vibrant palette and the impasto application of paint. His expressive and emotive use of colour and distinct brushwork are two prime traits of his works. His paintings depict the natural beauty of his motherland. His works also highlight several sized mountains, hillocks, rivers, flora and fauna as well as many aspects of environmental landscape.  
Satuko Fujimura's painting symbolise romantic notions through several blossoming flowers in a flower vase. The painting with flowers is characterised by loose brushstrokes, simple forms and contrasting colours. He has discarded the careful shading and colour transitions of botanical illustrations in favour of a fresh look that unabashedly declares the role of artistic understanding to be more important than careful accuracy.
Kaho Takano is a realistic figurative painter. At the exhibition, the artist has painted an impressive image of Gautam Buddha in his signature style of contemplation. The painter has gone through detailing every aspects of human figure.
Chuzaburo Araki is a semi-urban landscape painter. His work has a unique touch of impressionism where trees, a lush lawn, open sky and a cottage is focused in details. Other Japanese participants in the show are Yoko Kawasaki, Noriko Obata, Hiromi Mori, Keizo Hayashi, Kazuaki Yoneya and Fukazawa Koro.
The exhibition ends today.

Published: 12:00 am Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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