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Celebrities share memories of mother

Shah Alam Shazu

So the western import Mother's Day is on us again. Cynics are around aplenty, to debate the origins of a day designated to celebrate motherhood. The more sentimental ones cherish the day as an occasion to flood their mothers with flowers or little knick-knacks.
Our stars definitely belong to the latter category. Even if they aren't overly demonstrative, their mothers remain well-loved figures in their lives. Here's talking to some of them:

A mother's love is beyond expression. You can only compare a mother with a mother. My mother is very helpful and has a wonderful personality. Although Mother's Day is aimed at honouring and expressing love for one's mother, I love my mother every day of the year.
If there is such a thing as rebirth, I want to remain a part of my family and be my mother's daughter.
Finally, I wish all mothers good health on this Mother's Day, as their happiness gives me immense pleasure.

The idea of celebrating Mother's Day is a good one. My mother is always on my mind. I think of her at all my moments of despair.
I have many fond memories of my mother: be it in my school, college or university days. Nobody supported my decision to be a film actor but when “Hotath Brishti” became a blockbuster hit at home and abroad, my mom looked very happy. My mother wanted me to be a corporate. She, however, has no regrets about my becoming a film artiste. My mother is very pleased that I am flooded with the love of my fans.

Words fail me when I conjure up my fond memories of my mother. Once both of us were scheduled to visit my sister in London, but I could not go due to my shooting schedules. A few days later, I visited UK and we crisscrossed the country.
My mother was a schoolteacher. As she was a little hot-tempered, we were sometimes frightened of her. She always wanted us to be punctual but we used to keep playing and entered school much later after the bell rang for class. A month later, someone told her about our escapades, and we got a big scolding from her. Since then I have never lied to her.

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