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“Brazil is keeping this World Cup home” … Lucky

Shah Alam Shazu

Sharmin Lucky is a familiar name and face for television audiences. She has long been hosting TV shows, and has done her fair share of modeling too. As the FIFA World Cup nears its end, Lucky, a Brazil supporter, remains confident her team will prevail in all challenges. Here's what she had to say ahead of Brazil's semifinal encounter against Germany tonight:
“I have been a Brazil supporter from a very young age. I heard the name of Pele from my father, and read about him in textbooks. Gradually, my inclination towards the team grew, and now they are the only team I support.
“Since the World Cup began, watching the matches has become a routine. Brazil has made the semifinals. I'm a little tensed like every Brazil supporter, because Neymar will not be playing today. Silva is out too. But I still think Brazil will win today, even if it is by the smallest margin. Brazil are playing on home ground, and they will keep the trophy home, I'm confident.
“I usually watch the matches at home; my friends often visit, and we all share the excitement. There's also a lot of food consumed during the matches; overall, the atmosphere is great.
“Although I'm a Brazil supporter, my husband supports England. My son, who is in Melbourne now, supported Australia this year. He told us he had great fun watching the tournament there.”

Published: 12:00 am Tuesday, July 08, 2014

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