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Bollywood needs more older characters… Kamal Haasan

Pallab Bhattacharya, New Delhi

Is Bollywood no land for older actors? That debate has been revived by veteran actor Kamal Haasan, who says writers usually don't script roles for older actors and suggests it's time they do so.

“Writers do not write roles for older people … they always write for younger people so we all try to look young. But times are changing ... Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) is a great example, so I know I have another 15 years,” 59-year-old Haasan said at an event here.

“We say (to writers) write it. I think they (writers) should write it naturally. It should come from young people then it will be interesting. When I write about an old actor, it is almost autobiographical … young people should write. Hollywood had that ... young writers who wrote about old actors,” he said.

Haasan says age does bother him. “It (age) has always bothered me. When I was five, I wanted to be 20 -year -old then when I was 20, I wanted to be 40-year-old and now when I am 60-year-old, I want to be 20 year old. So it is always bothering,” he said on the sidelines of the annual convocation of a film training school in Mumbai recently.

In the initial stages of his career, Haasan wanted to become a director. “I thought tools of making films are superior and only the director was capable....I think I am a reluctant actor. I wanted to be director and I did wait for it…I made it happen,” Haasan added.

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