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Back for the Attack

Rock Strata returns with new album after 22 years

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When they did metal music back in the 90's, the sound of Rock Strata was unfamiliar to the people of Bangladesh. Metal was an alien music for the people here. However, after listening to songs like “Artonad”, “Nuclear Shadhinota” and “Rokte Bheja Mati”, music aficionados knew that there was a new element in the horizon. Bangladesh had its first metal band. Even though the album was recorded in haste and the band disbanded soon after for various reasons, people of Bangladesh kept playing the same songs in their stereos, and their cassette players, followed by MP3s and even audio on Youtube. Bands inspired by Rock Strata later did thrash metal, power metal and other evolved forms of metal, taking the underground music scene forward by miles.
However, the pioneers of Bangladesh's heavy metal music had been greatly missed in these two decades. But fans have to miss them no more. The fabled underground band is back, after a staggering 22-year gap, with a brand new album titled “Notun Shad'er Khojey.” To add even more surprise, the making of the album has been done by the same members who had rocked the stages of Engineer's Institute, the platforms of metal music in Dhaka and Chittagong in the 90's.
Although the members of the band were dispersed in various parts of the world, they came together for a common cause- to give one last piece of Rock Strata; to recreate history. While there were already talks going on from 2011 onwards on the recording of the new album, the full-fledged album came together this year. Finally, after a heartwarming reunion, the album was recorded in the USA, and is set for launch on February 7, organised by Live Square and under the label of G-Series.
As news of a new album of Rock Strata in the horizon went 'viral' over the internet, fans' expectations have continued to skyrocket. Meanwhile, insider sources say the album will be vividly reminiscent of what the band made a name for itself with two decades ago; a touch of classic heavy metal, in a great combination of melody, energy and aggression.  
The lineup of the band is what it was for the last album: Mushfiq Ahmed on Vocals, Imran Hussain and Mainul Islam guitars, Arshad Amin on bass and Mahbubur Rashid on drums. There will also be guest appearances by noted guitarist Kamal (Warfaze, Aurthohin).

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