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Afzal-Suborna pair up for Eid drama

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Afzal-Suborna are back on-screen.
Afzal-Suborna are back on-screen.

Afzal Hossain and Suborna Mostafa, one of the most popular on-screen duo, is getting together after a two-year hiatus in Arif Khan's single-episode TV play “Engreji Shikkhar Ashor”, scripted by Badrul Anam Soud.
The drama affords a glimpse of two families who live in the same building. There's Mizan (Afzal) and his two school-going sons, and couple Zahiya (Suborna) and her husband (played by Shahiduzzaman Selim). The non-stop English conversation of his sons embarrasses the uneducated Mizan. Eventually, Mizan decides to take tuitions in English from Zahiya. Hilarity ensues during the English lessons.
Arif Khan said, “Afzal and Suborna are one of my favourite star couples. It's great to work with them.”
The TV play will air on Channel i  this Eid.

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