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A man for all seasons

Saurav Dey
Friends, family and fans pay last tributes to an artiste of great stature. PHOTO: RIDWAN ADID RUPON
Friends, family and fans pay last tributes to an artiste of great stature. PHOTO: RIDWAN ADID RUPON

Khaled Khan left behind a shocked country when he lost his battle with motor neuron illness. A dominating performer, he had enthralled and entertained his audience on stage and on-screen for three decades. This is especially true of viewers of the ‘80s and ‘90s, who have his authoritative presence etched indelibly in their minds. His work has also been a source of inspiration for later generations. Apart from acting and directing, he was also known for his masterful recitation and rendition of songs.

The multi-talented personality started his career in the theatre as a member of Nagarik Natya Sampradaya in 1975. Since then, he appeared in more than 30 plays and mesmerised audience with his bold and lively performance on the stage. As an actor, some of his notable plays include “Dewan Gazi’r Kissa”, “Irsha”, “Ocholayotan”,“Nuroldiner Sarajibon”,“Darpan”, “Galileo”, “Roktokorobi” among others. His outstanding acting in “Irsha” brought him popularity; many people will also always remember his role of Bishu in “Roktokorobi.”

Though he started his career as an actor, he later moved into directing, and presented a number of powerful plays to the audience. His notable directorial works include, Tagore’s “Muktodhara”, “Putul Khela” (adaptation of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House), “Kaal Sondhay”, “Swapnobaj”, “Rupobati”, “Master Builder” and “Khudito Pashan.”

Khaled Khan’s entry onto the television screen came via the drama “Shirighor” that was aired in 1981 on Bangladesh Television.  His bold acting took him at the peak of popularity on the small screen. “Rupnagar” a drama aired in 1993, is still remembered by people for Khaled Khan’s dialogue, “Chi chi, tumi eto kharap?”

Khaled Khan - known as Juboraj to his friends and family - may have slipped into a final rest, but his art will never die. He will be remembered as a gifted artiste by colleagues, a caring, sincere man to his family and a domineering actor to viewers, an inspiration to artistes of the theatre arena.

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