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Education flaws

Education flaws

Reform imperative necessity

IT is not just about question papers being leaked at rather regular intervals or the wholesale increase in number of students attaining GPA 5, the fact that quality of education is getting worse by the decade is hardly a secret today. Educationists have been raising concerns about the way examinations are held, the manner in which examiners hand out marks liberally when it suits them and the overall relaxed manner in which tests are held, which, inevitably make cheating one's way out of exams that much easier. Passing an order from the ministry of education will not have the desired effect in checking “flaws” in the system.
Experts believe that time has arrived for new legislation that will specifically target those involved in the rackets responsible for leaking question papers which has become so pervasive that it is being viewed as a systemic problem. Indeed, going by what leading academics and educationists have voiced in a post-budget discussion is nothing short of radical. Besides formulation of new legislation, it is widely believed that the education system can do without new private universities and medical colleges. Rather, existing private educational systems at university-level need to be monitored to ensure that they are provided quality education. In the short term, it is imperative that steps be taken immediately to stem the menace of “leaked” question papers. Students having access to such unfair means do not add any value to the nation. Rather, the truly meritorious and hardworking students stand to lose everything.



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