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DM3 release date announced

DM3 release date announced

Universal Studios has announced that “Despicable Me 3” will be released in June 2017. The film will follow “Despicable Me 2”, which has taken an estimated $935 million at the box office since being released last year. It was also recently announced that a spin-off film of the animated series, called “Minions” is currently in production.
It has not yet been confirmed which members of the cast, including Carell and Kristen Wigg, will feature in the new film. Russell Brand, Steve Coogan and Ken Jeong -- who plays Mr.Chow in the Hangover films -- also voiced characters in “Despicable Me 2”.
The film was named in the best animation category at the Golden Globes.
The original “Despicable Me” film was released in 2010.

Source: BBC


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