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Dhaka second worst liveable city!

Dhaka second worst liveable city!

S.A. Mansoor, Dhaka

From your front page report of 20th August we have known that Dhaka is among the world's worst ten cities in order of livability! We would have topped the list but luckily for us, Damascus, the capital of Syria (in civil war) leads the table. So we are the second worst city in the world! Most of these ten worst cities are located in Muslim populated counties! Among the top ten best livable cities, seven are located in British Commonwealth countries!
Now, shall we not do something to improve our sad score? The daily that published this news can organize a competition among its readers to present, say, a ten to twelve-point pragmatic proposal for cleaning and improving the face of Dhaka city. Maybe by implementing the best proposals we can get out of this 'ten worst city' list.



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