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Delightfully different

MP Mostafiz's wealth declines

Our Correspondent, Dinajpur

At a time when most Awami League ministers and lawmakers appear to have amassed huge wealth in the last five years, the story of Mostafizur Rahman has turned out to be different.
The value of his assets has rather decreased by around Tk 38 lakh in the last five years.
This information surprised many when the two wealth statements he submitted to the Election Commission in 2008 and 2013 were compared.
Mostafizur, a lawmaker from the Dinajpur-5 constituency, and his wife had assets worth over Tk 2.08 crore in 2008. Now they own properties worth around Tk 1.69 crore.
The main reason behind the decrease in his assets is losing four flats in the capital.
He mentioned the four flats in the 2008 statement but he told The Daily Star recently that he gave away two flats to his two daughters and sold the other two.
However, the property of his wife Rezina Rahman has slightly gone up from Tk 44.4 lakh in 2008 to about Tk 48 lakh now, show the wealth statements.
According to the 2008 statement, the former state minister and his wife had movable properties worth about Tk 46 lakh, of which his wife owned about Tk 5.93 lakh. He had a bank loan of Tk 3 lakh.
In 2008, his own movable properties included cash Tk 20.92 lakh, bank deposit Tk 1.6 lakh, fixed deposit of Tk 3 lakh, a motor vehicle worth Tk 12.4 lakh, a motorcycle worth Tk 1.01 lakh, electronics goods worth Tk 45,000 and furniture worth Tk 60,000. His wife had cash Tk 2 lakh, fixed deposit of Tk 3 lakh and ornaments worth Tk 93,000.
Mostafizur's own immovable properties were worth Tk 1.215 crore in 2008 that included arable land worth Tk 1.5 lakh and four apartments worth Tk 1.2 crore. His wife owned land and buildings worth Tk 37.1 lakh.
In 2013, he has shown his movable and immovable property as being worth about Tk 1.69 crore, of which he owns about Tk 1.11 crore, while his wife owns wealth worth Tk 45.77 lakh.
Mostafizur, who is popularly known as Fizar, has movable properties that include cash Tk 34.62 lakh, bank deposit of Tk 2.19 lakh, fixed deposit of Tk 30 lakh, a vehicle worth Tk 41.48 lakh, electronics goods worth Tk 45,000 and furniture worth Tk 60,000.
His wife has cash to the tune of Tk 7.59 lakh, bank deposit of Tk 20,000, gold ornaments worth Tk 45,000 and furniture worth Tk 43,000, according to the 2013 statement.
Also the Dinajpur district unit AL president, Mostafizur's annual income was Tk 2.15 lakh in 2008. It is now Tk 9.7 lakh after five years. His income increased as largely due to his salary as a state minister, Tk 5.74 lakh.
His wife's annual income has increased from Tk 1.4 lakh to Tk 2.51 lakh now.


Published: 12:01 am Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last modified: 10:05 pm Thursday, December 26, 2013

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