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Death of an uncared for patient

Death of an uncared for patient

Is this medical profession?

A patient leaps to his death from the premier public hospital in the city because doctors there couldn't care less about his condition. We mourn for Nurnobi. That his family rushed from one department to another in the vain hope to alleviate his pain whilst hospital staff didn't live up to their medical ethos is negligence at its height. From what has been printed in this paper, we understand that Nurnobi had been suffering from stomach pain for a month and a half. That he was denied treatment because apparently there was no seat available in the concerned department is hardly an excuse for not treating one whose condition was critical grave.

Nurnobi was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital at the dead of night but reportedly, there were no medical staff available in the relevant department. He was told to come back in the morning when concerned doctors would be available. Nurnobi spent his last hours in pain and after he could tolerate it no more decided to end his suffering by plunging to his death from the 8th floor of the haematology department. His death was unnecessary. The excuse given by doctors and nurses that Nurnobi could not be treated as he had not been admitted is a lame and shameless one. Will the health ministry wake up from its slumber and do something about the culture of impunity with which public hospital staff run these institutions? Or must Nurnobi represent merely another case of “unnatural” death due to abject negligence of doctors and hospital management.


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