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Competition ramps up as quarterfinals almost over

Competition ramps up as quarterfinals almost over

Tahrima Ahmed Trishna

The wait for this year's The Daily Star Spelling Bee champion is getting tenser, with just over a month to go. Who will be this year's champion? Who will take the trophy home, get the chance to meet the President of Bangladesh and visit Washington DC, the land where Spelling Bee originated?

Tonight, another quarterfinal episode of Spelling Bee Season 3 will air on Channel i. With five quarterfinal episodes already aired, 10 semifinalists have emerged from the 96 participants.

The enthusiasm, competitiveness and suspense are running at a high, not just among the participants, but at their schools as well. Amid all the competitiveness, where the fate of the competition can depend on one letter, BSRM, associate partner of The Daily Star Spelling Bee, is boosting the morale of the participants by giving them the chance to win books for libraries around the country. So far, participants have won books for 21 schools around the country. The books will officially be handed over to the schools during the Spelling Bee Grand Finale.

The Daily Star Spelling Bee, powered by Horlicks, airs on Channel i every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:50pm.


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