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Charlie Sheen’s noble Ice Bucket Challenge

Charlie Sheen’s noble Ice Bucket Challenge

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Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Pretty much everyone in celebsville has been getting involved.
But good old Charlie Sheen decided to break the mould when it came to his own Ice Bucket Challenge, going off in his own *ahem* unique direction, reports Yahoo Celebrity UK & Ireland.
Instead of the standard water and ice combo Chazza decided to fill a bucket with...money?!
Obviously not wanting to conform to the norm like all those other sheep-like celebs, the actor put his own - pretty awesome - twist on things.
After being nominated by Ryan Miller, the star started out his video pretty normally before a massive amount of cash fell over his head instead of ice.
And to prove just what a legend he is, Charlie announced that the $10,000 in cash - THAT'S $10,000 - was going straight to the ALS Foundation.

The star said: "Oh wait! That's not ice. That's 10,000 dollar in cash which I am donating to the ALS Foundation.
"Because, let's face it, ice is going to melt but this money is actually going to help people."
Following in the footsteps of the likes of Britney Spears, David Beckham, Bill Gates and Justin Bieber, Charlie then nominated some fellow stars.
But in another (slightly awkward) twist, Charlie then nominated former Two And A Half Men co-star Jon Cryer and his replacement Ashton Kutcher. As well show creative and MASSIVE enemy Chuck Lorre.
And rather that just nominating them to do the ice bucket challenge, he nominated them to do EXACTLY the same as him and donate $10,000.


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