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Changing face of organised crime

Changing face of organised crime

House owners beware

IN the latest twist of spiralling crimes in the country, law enforcers busted a den that turned out to be a torture centre in DOHS, one of the city's posh residential areas. It is not merely shocking to find that the gang had managed to disguise their nefarious activities for as long as six months but also the composition of those complicit in the crimes perpetrated are all university students with one being affiliated to the ruling party student wing, which should be taken special note of. Subsequent investigation of both police and Rab has unearthed a sophisticated array of audio visual equipment that was used to take compromising footage of victims for the purposes of blackmail. The apartment was also equipped to rival medieval torture chambers replete with instruments to administer pain.
The master of this house of horror apparently has been in the business of swindling large sums of money from garments businessmen. The whole operation was aimed at luring unsuspecting traders to the house and then to let the goons work on them. We are thankful that the syndicate has been unearthed. We are also concerned that the relevant police station refused to lodge the incident as a case of fraudulence under Section 420. The matter only came to glaring light when Rab got involved. Landlords for their part need to make a more thorough enquiry as to who or what institution they are renting out their houses to, otherwise criminals will continue to find safe havens in the most unlikely of places.


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