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     Volume 3 | Issue 04 | January 30, 2011 |


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Kotler Highlights Syed Alamgir

Shahida Akhter

Syed Alamgir

Who does not know Philip Kotler in today's world, a renowned professor in the area of marketing. His book Principles of Marketing is considered the Bible of marketing. It is no wonder that each and every marketing graduate is aware of the name and of Philip Kotler. Because they are to study Kotler's book in many phases of life particularly his Principles of Marketin” is prescribed as text book in most School of Business, Worldwide.

The marketing guru Kotler has been using rewarding yet practical examples from around the globe in his marketing book for decades. Surprisingly, Bangladesh being such a small country in proportion could set an example for Kotler's book too. In latest edition of Philip Kotler's Principle of Marketing A South Asian Perspective 13th Edition, Page 76, people all around would see the name of Bangladesh in a case study whereby an exemplary marketing proposition-“The 100% Halal Soap” has been included. Also, this may be the first time ever a Bangladeshi Marketing intellect, Mr Syed Alamgir, the then director of Jamuna Group and currently the Executive Director of ACI Ltd., will be known by many. However, this example is a huge achievement and pride for Bangladesh since it increases the visibility of the country a hundred fold internationally to prove that we also have the international acclamation of 'clever marketing positioning',Kotler mentioned in his book :

Syed Alamgir the then-director of the Jamuna Group launched the concept of 100 Percent Halal Soap in Bangladesh in 1998. Halal is the Arabic equivalent for 'lawful' or 'kosher'. Claiming that his Aromatic soap brand was made of only vegetable fat and did not contain any fact from lard, beef, or any other meat, he captured the interests of many Muslims and Hindus alike. This clever positioning of Aromatic resulted in its gaining 14 percent market share within the first year of launch. It created such an impact that, for the next few years, many other soap brands had to assert that they were not using any animal-derived fat either.

In a conversation with Mr Syed Alamgir, he shared how the concept of “Halal Shaban” came up in his mind and it was a huge marketing success. After this almost all the soap companies had to go out of their way to mention that all the ingredients they were using were halal and pure.

This legendary icon, Mr Syed Alamgir, has received his MBA degree from IBA in 1975. He started his career with BPI, now known as Aventis, where he was given various top management positions. Following the success, he decided to pursue his career in the FMCG sector. On January 1, 1992, he joined Jamuna Group of Companies as Group Marketing Director. He was assigned the responsibility of the existing companies along with the creation of new ones. Among many successes, his proposition of 100% Aromatic halal soap was highly applauded by the consumers. Then he moved to ACI group and worked as Executive Director for the last 12 years. Undoubtedly He also experienced breakthroughs in ACI group and ACI Salt was one of his achievements which was awarded the “Best Food & Beverage Brand” of 2008. His mention of 'ACI Salt' helps development of merit and ACI dreaming of a meritorious Bangladesh is another milestone in Marketing proposition and success. Mr. Alamgir is also a Director to Boards of number of ACI affiliated companies.

In a question to what gives him the Inspiration to this concept, he said “I came up with the idea from a need, the need of my people, I think it is where all the best ideas originate.” The halal appeal, depending largely on core values, calls for consumers to trust the authenticity and cleanliness of the product, and thus, draws on a brand loyalty which will be difficult to shake off.

He believes, honesty builds trust. Trust is the basis of a relationship. Dishonesty breaks down the trust and therefore the relationship with consumer by removing its very foundation.

To the young generation, “Any idea is a good idea and Life's too short to get one chance to prove that idea, so just try it!”- Mr. Syed Alamgir.

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