• Saturday, February 28, 2015

Windows 8.1

What's new?

Hassan Tanvir Mansur

Microsoft announced Windows 8.1 Cortana update at their annual build conference! The tech giant also announced Windows Phone 8.1 with new personal assistant named after the Halo franchise. This update is expected to come with some major changes to improve the experience for Mouse & Keyboard users. When you can download for your phone? That I'm afraid will not be until somewhere around next month. On this update Microsoft concentrated on modern & sleeky interface, a right click which will now make desktop-menu appear & many more. But out of all: Cortana is the one that we are mostly excited about.
Cortana is mostly Microsoft's way of catching up with other major players in the leagues of virtual assistant. And what we have learnt from Microsoft is that it has a long tradition of taking best parts from the competition to make the most useful tool in the market.
Coming back to Cortana, she learns by going through not just your phone, but also she hooks herself into your search engine (Bing) and social networks. Which is indeed a great idea but it takes time to really work. To be completely honest, we didn't see that much prudence, but she definitely doesn't forget to remind you about your friend's birthday.
Again back to the 8.1 updates: Weather app is a cool feature on this recent 8.1 update. From your home/office you can easily track current positions of Storms, Storm Eye's, Clouds, Rain & snow forecast as well (why would you do that, is a different story altogether!!). Bit locker which is another advance feature of this OS. As you might it's a data protection feature. Bit locker drive will help to protect files on your system drive & data drive. This new update will also help to develop apps & Games smoothly. Customer Service has also been improved manifolds.
Email service has also been updated. Windows 8.1 have attached outlook service.  You don't need to use browser to sent email. There are some other advantages of Windows 8.1 e.g. Birthday Alert! This feature will remind your friends, cousin's & colleague's birthday. Windows 8.1 will also allow you to upload your files, Photos & documents without using any browser.
Happy updating!!


Published: 12:00 am Monday, April 21, 2014

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