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Lokkhi.io- A local service to keep you connected!

Ariq Masrur

Quick question: What is the best piece of software for video calls? Skype? Viber? Or is it Team Viewer? More or less, all are correct. Now: what if I add "for Bangladesh" at the end of the question? Then probably all your choices will remain same- except you should add another option to your choices: Lokkhi! The reason is simple, it's the only one designed by a group of Bangladeshi's to be used in Bangladesh.
Lokkhi is an intelligent communication platform that adjusts its performance with the ever fluctuating data transfer speeds we face in our mobile devices. I am not using the word "intelligent" a puffery, it is actually so. Let's say you are in a very important video conference with your boss or your colleagues. The data download and upload speed in your mobile or tab is fluctuating constantly. This would be a problem for almost all software and apps because they are designed with the assumption that the data transfer speeds would be consistent or consistently high. However this is no problem for Lokkhi, because it was designed to perform in those exact poor conditions. It provides a full fledged file sharing platform for everyone as well. Be it an official presentation you want to share with everyone in a video call, or an excel sheet, or other type of official document, Lokkhi is perfect for you. In fact when you're in a conference call and showing a presentation, you can easily make sure everyone is in the same page. Same goes for video files as well, if you want, you can make everyone watching the video to be synced at whatever scene you are in. The range of file types supported by Lokkhi is ever growing. Notice how I used the word "platform" to describe to the software? That's because Lokkhi is not an application or software, in layman's term, it's a website. Technically, it's "PAAS" or Platform As A Service, meaning if you go to the site which is at www.Lokkhi.io, and you login; the website looks and acts like a software you installed in your computer. Lokkhi is and always will be free- according to the developers of the site. The idea behind it is to create a “universal platform” that can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world. Lokkhi was created by Rational Technologies which is managed by Mr. Saquib Chowdhury. When asked about their future plans with Lokkhi, he stated “We are more interested in the social and educational applications of Lokkhi. We are already conducting online teaching sessions in several schools in Sylhet using Lokkhi.” Lokkhi already has almost 16,000 users, with the majority of them in Bangladesh.

Published: 2:00 am Monday, August 11, 2014

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