• Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 hottest smartphones in the market!

Here is a list of the summer's sensational 5 smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S5

Being just launched in the market, this handset is now apparently talk-of-the-town. Extraordinary camera, waterproofing with faux leather, ultra-saving battery mode and thousand more reasons to buy it. No wonder 1000 units of phone got pre-booked before the launch.

Current Market price: Tk. 60,000/-







iPhone 5S  

There are always people out there: they call themselves fan-boy, but Merriam Webster dictionary calls them 'Stubborn'.  No matter what you call them, these are the people who are rating iPhone 5S as one of the hottest smartphone of this quarter of 2014. iPhone 5S is a great phone, hands down. But a hot phone? What can we say: hard to argue with figures.

Current Market Price: Tk. 32GB Tk 66,900/-




HTC One M8

This is an awesome device, especially after the revamp! Awesome display and cool specs: what else do you need?

Current Market Price: Tk. 60,000/-





Walton Primo ZX

This is Walton's flagship phone in which, the company spared nothing: 401ppi screen, 16MP camera, 2.2 GHz quadcore processor, 3gigs of RAM etc. Definitely worth buying.

Current Market Price: Tk. 46,900/-




Symphony Xplore Z III

That first true octacored handset by Symphony. Indeed a landmark in the telecom industry of Bangladesh. The specs might be a little-less than its desi counterpart, but the price that it comes with is just insane.

Current Market Price: Tk. 19990/-

Published: 12:00 am Monday, April 28, 2014

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