• Thursday, January 29, 2015

GP files cases against eight gateways for dues

Abdullah Mamun

Grameenphone filed cases against eight international gateways (IGW) this week at the Joint District Judge's Court in Dhaka, as the gateways failed to pay their outstanding amounts to the mobile operator.
The total outstanding amount with the eight gateways is Tk 83.76 crore.
The IGW operators are responsible for handling international incoming and outgoing calls. Mobile operators are supposed to receive a portion of the payment for every call that uses their network.

“We have taken the resort of the court after exhausting all administrative processes, and informed BTRC [Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission] about our intention to seek legal intervention,” Grameenphone said in a statement.
These companies have not paid their dues to Grameenphone from April to October last year. Some companies have two months' outstanding while some have four months of bills unpaid, according to a Grameenphone official.
Earlier, the BTRC blocked the eight gateways' services as they failed to pay more than Tk 400 crore in outstanding bills to the state coffer.
At the same time, Grameenphone has applied to go for dispute resolution against state-run operator Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) as the company is in disputes over bills worth more than Tk 140 crore.
The clash was on three accounts -- BTCL's call detail records did not match Grameenphone's; a segment of value added tax was deposited to the tax collector by Grameenphone on behalf of BTCL, but the land phone company later denied to pay; and irregular payment for local calls.
An official of Grameenphone said the regulator has formed a committee to resolve the dispute.
The BTCL is also an IGW that carries international calls along with its telephone services.
Market insiders said the private IGWs and BTCL have outstanding amounts with other mobile operators too.

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