12:00 AM, May 31, 2014 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:53 AM, March 08, 2015

Blatant encroaching on museum grounds

Blatant encroaching on museum grounds

Can't we keep our memorials pristine?

REPORTS have surfaced that construction work for a memorial museum commemorating the mass uprising of 1969 has been stalled for the past one and a half years. Work on the 'Shaheed Asad Sharani Museum' has been stagnating for a long time now and it appears that the land has been encroached upon by politically affiliated and stray groups. The Jubo League has laid claim to the land and now use the premises as an office, while an illegal rickshaw garage has also sprouted inside the area. It is a deplorable act of disrespect towards the many brave souls who rose up in unison to wage the then anti-government movement.
The present squalid state is a pitiable one, with rickshaws and vans lounging in the empty space while the guards of the museum, who have been entrusted with its safekeeping, are instead collecting money from the garage. When contacted, the firm in charge of the construction work said that the garage will soon be closed down but they could not answer if the Jubo League would also pack its bags. It is shameful that rampant land-grabbing has managed to even defile the sanctity of a memorial site intended to respect martyrs. We hope that necessary steps are taken as soon as possible to make sure work for the museum resumes so that we can bequeath adequate respect on the martyrs of the mass uprising in 1969.


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