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Biogas being produced from waste materials

Biogas being produced from waste materials

A laudable initiative of Gaibandha municipality
KM Rezaul Hoque, Gaibandha
 The biogas plant in Gaibandha municipality.  PHOTO: STAR
The biogas plant in Gaibandha municipality. PHOTO: STAR

Biogas and organic manure is being produced from waste materials dumped near Alai River in the municipal area, thanks to the integrated wastage management programme of Gaibandha municipality.
At the initial stage of programme, municipality workers collect garbage and wastage from 1,003 municipality dwellers in exchange of Tk 40 per month as service charge and dump it at the plant site for producing biogas and manure.
The plant is supplying gas for five hours daily to 30 dwelling houses for cooking purposes in exchange of Tk 600 per month. Besides, the consumer is to pay Tk 2,500 as security for connecting pipes and burner.
"It serves all my cooking purpose for Tk 600 per month, while it needs Tk 1,600 per month for using LP gas," said housewife Rokshana Parveen, who recently took biogas connection.
The demand of biogas sees gradual increase but the authority cannot supply adequate gas as the production is limited, said Farida Begum, another housewife.
"Donor agencies spent Tk 18 lakh for setting up the biogas plant with a daily capacity to produce 80 cubic metres of gas that can be supplied to 50 dwelling houses. However, it needs adequate wastage and garbage," said Mahabubul Islam, project engineer of Practical Action.
The organisation along with local NGO Chinnamul Mohila Samity is conducting the programme funded by UNICEF and USAID.
"After using at the biogas plant, the remains of the perishable garbage and wastage are used to produce organic manure through a separate plant at the municipal garbage dumping station. Non-perishable wastage and garbage are also processed and used to pack finished manure for sale.
"The manure contains proportionate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and other organic carbons. Per kg manure is selling at Tk 7 and it brings better result in vegetables farming. The plant is now producing .75 tonnes of manure every month and it has good demand among the vegetables growers," said Mahabubul Islam.
The pilot project sees good response from consumers, said Murshidur Rahman, executive director of Chinnamul Mohila Samity.


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