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Bihari camp arson and deaths

Bihari camp arson and deaths

Culprits must be punished

THE attack and torching of a household at Mirpur Bihari camp on Saturday which killed 10, including 9 in a family, have been as outrageous as condemnable. The clashes between the inmates of the camp on the one side and the police allegedly accompanied by locals on the other, are indicative of where the battle  lines were drawn.
Amid a smokescreen of different versions or spins to the story, depending upon which side of the fence one operated from, certain allegations have arisen calling for a probe to determine the truth, fix responsibility and punish the guilty.
One of the allegations is that local ruling party men torched the houses over a recent feud with the Bihari community. Perhaps this had to  do with a demand from a local leader for an extension of illegal electricity connection to an adjacent slum which was opposed by the inmates of the camp.
Infighting within the Bihari community has been alluded to by police and the local people but how much it was relevant to the incident as such only an independent inquiry can shed light on. The local lawmaker thinks it could have been an “accident” during the handling of fireworks. Whether there is a grain of truth in this should be easy to prove.
As for the speculation that the attack could be linked to a “ploy to grab their land” this needs to be seriously gone into.


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