WASIQUE HASAN | The Daily Star

  • Struggles of going somewhere new

    Anyone who says “every mistake is an adventure” has clearly never gotten lost in this side of the world. Going to a new place in Bangladesh is as much of an adventure as wiping a runny nose with sandpaper, and here's why.
  • Tips for learning to drive

    For all of you above eighteen, your most recent birthday means more than adulthood and a national ID. It means you're allowed to get a driver's license and finally go for those joyrides you love, legally. However, not everyone is born with the skill of Michael Schumacher, so let me teach you the way of the vehicle before you run all the pedestrians over.
  • YouTube channels for learning instruments

    Want to jam to your favourite tracks but don't know how to get started? It can be very intimidating to learn a new instrument, but everything is easy with a little bit of direction. This is why I've compiled a list of YouTube channels to follow for when you're starting your musical journey. These are guaranteed to get you on the path to musical competency provided you practice regularly.
  • How to not get roasted about your embarrassing past

    Most of you would agree if I said that your past life doesn't frame you in the most flattering light. I also know how it feels to have a past you want to erase, only to be thwarted by technology (thanks for nothing, Facebook memories). Over many such experiences of being roasted about cringe-worthy blasts from the past, I've amassed some priceless knowledge. With it, I make this guide to help you avoid the same fate.
  • Struggles of letting things go

    Moving on is generally difficult, but this is amplified when cherished objects are concerned. I am, of course, talking about the things that have shaped our childhood/past but can no longer be kept for sentiment's sake. Here are some of the things whose losses have left me with unresolved abandonment issues.